About Us

Rely Official has been founded in 2017 in Armenia as a start-up company of young professional designers and business developers concentrated mainly on vector design. After succeeding in the design field we have changed our vector on the manufacturing of smartphone accessories using our best designs. All our partner manufacturers are using the highest standards technologies for producing the best quality accessories for our clients.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, and all of our designs are created by our amazing team of designers. To ensure you can keep using your iPhone case or Samsung phone case for as long as possible, we use heat printing and IMD technology to create all our products. We work our orders from two warehouses in the US and China, allowing us to offer our customers great delivery times. 

Our Trademark is registered in USPTO.gov under register number: 5811092

You can find our official partners list in Our Official Partners page to prevent purchasing counterfeit products from 3rd party sellers.